DDA aims to foster real estate standards, supports the growth of the real estate sector and promotes cooperation between all local authorities, relevant state bodies, private institutions & academics.

The organisation also contributes to the improvement of legislation regulating the real estate sector, such as consumer protection law, zoning plans, communiqué on REICs, VAT law and corporate tax law.



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  • Generating solutions for the development and stepping up of the institutionalisation of the real estate industry in the Netherlands
  • Being the Dutch real estate industry’s gateway to Europe, representing the country in international platforms, and ensuring the coordination needed to gear up in global markets
  • Developing standards for the industry’s sub-segments
  • Playing an active role in developing industry regulations
  • Contributing towards urbanisation in generating elements of modern and civilised cities
  • Developing cooperative environments with local and international private and public institutions, trade and industry chambers, organised markets, trading companies, foundations, associations and unions
  • Improving the sharing of information and ensuring coordination within the industry
  • Generating the data system and the advanced data repository that the industry needs, updating it and sharing it with the industry